Hemogram Analyser

Fingertip Hemogram and CRP Analyser with Results in 5 Minutes

Haemogram Analyser; simultaneous CBC (Complete Blood Count) and CRP (C-reactive protein) analysis is used to quickly and effectively assess critical blood parameters. These analyses require only 15 microlitres (uL) of whole blood sample. This small sample can be easily collected without disturbing the patient and results can be obtained quickly.

CBC analysis measures red blood cell, leukocyte and platelet levels by determining the number and morphology of blood cells. This provides valuable information about important health conditions such as anaemia, infections or blood disorders.

CRP analysis detects the presence of inflammation in the body by measuring the level of C-reactive protein. It enables early diagnosis and treatment of patients in cases such as bacterial infections or other treatable inflammatory diseases.

This simultaneous analysis method makes it possible to assess the health status of patients more quickly and precisely, helping to guide the treatment process correctly. The easy applicability of CBC and CRP analyses and the small amount of blood samples required is a significant advantage for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Hemogram Analyser