Ice Head Diode Laser

Painless and Effective Epilation: Ice Head Technology

Falcon Ice is a high performance diode laser hair removal system equipped with ice head technology. The special ice head that comes into contact with the skin, thanks to its advanced cooling system, quickly snows, effectively cooling the epidermis 1 – 3 mm thick and thus minimising the feeling of pain. This unique feature makes the epilation process more convenient and comfortable, while significantly increasing customer satisfaction.

Falcon Ice offers fast and effective results, providing 50% painless and painless hair removal in the first session. The ice head technology protects the skin surface and ensures permanent reduction of unwanted hair. It can also be safely used even on sensitive areas of the skin.

In addition to these main features, Falcon Ice is equipped with powerful diode laser technology, thus achieving long-lasting and permanent results. Thanks to its flexible level settings and skin type-appropriate operating modes, it offers a personalised hair removal experience that suits the specific needs of each individual.

Falcon Ice is a new generation and successful diode laser hair removal solution with its effective results, painless and safe structure, creating high customer satisfaction. This device, which is preferred in modern aesthetic and beauty centres with its ice head technology, is designed to provide long-term hair removal comfort and skin beauty to its users.

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Ice Head Diode Laser