Tanita Detailed Body Analysis

Tanita Detailed Body Analysis: Professional Body Analyser

Tanita Detailed Body Analyser is a unique device that provides comprehensive information about your body’s health and performance. This state-of-the-art device offers a unique user experience by analysing your body components, fluid distribution and overall health status down to the finest detail.

Precise Measurements: Tanita Detailed Body Analysis device has the ability to weigh up to 270 kg in 100 g intervals. Thanks to its 0.1% fat ratio measurement accuracy, it measures your fat ratio with values in the range of 1 – 75%. It also calculates Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine the proportion of your weight and height.

Comprehensive Analysis: This smart device provides you with a variety of important data by analysing your body components in detail. It precisely determines your total body weight as well as your fat percentage, fat amount and lean mass. It also analyses your body fluid distribution, adiposity around internal organs and intracellular fluid, helping you to get a complete picture of your health status.

Detailed Regional Analysis: Tanita Detailed Body Analysis divides your body into five different regions and analyses the fat and muscle distribution of each region in detail. In addition to your right-left leg, right-left arm and trunk regions, it helps you reach an advanced level of analysis by providing Resistance and Reactance values of each region. In this way, you can measure your intracellular and extracellular fluid distribution in detail.

An Indispensable Tool for Monitoring Your Health and Performance: Tanita Detailed Body Analyser is an indispensable tool for athletes, individuals with healthy lifestyle goals and health professionals. It helps you optimise your nutrition and training programmes by measuring your basal metabolic rate (kj and kcal), body type and bone mineral content.

With Tanita Detailed Body Analysis device, it is now possible to understand your health, reach your goals and have a better quality of life with a much easier and scientific approach!

Tanita Detailed Body Analysis